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Version 0.1.3 released07/25/00
by jamie gennis
This release features a new GUI level editor. You can now also load individual levels from files with G-Star, so you can actually play the levels you make :)

I am looking for new levels and tilesets to include in G-Star, so if you're feeling creative, why not whip some up? Anyway, hope you like it.

Web site back up07/23/00
by jamie gennis
I fixed whatever caused this site to spit out php error. I really have no idea what happened... I was away for a couple weeks and when I got back it was all screwed up. Oh well... I'm back now, so there should be a new version of gstar coming out kinda soon.
CVS tree up07/04/00
by jamie gennis
Happy Independence Day :)

I got the cvs tree set up... For instructions on how to get the latest sources from it, see the download page.

Redid this site07/02/00
by jamie gennis
I spent the day learning php and redoing the web site with it. It's pretty fun and quite easy. The content is all the same, I just changed the look of it. I hope you like it... if you want to comment on it just give me a holler.
Version 0.1.2 released07/01/00
by jamie gennis
Here is version 0.1.2, it has a few minor bug fixes and some improvements. I'm going to set up the cvs tree soon for anyone who is interested... I'll announce it here when I do, so check back soon if you want to contribute. Also, any suggestions on how to do the score tracking would be appreciated :)

Here's what I was thinking about doing:
I will move all the levels into one big game file (for each set of levels that is... there will be multiple 'games' which will just be a group of levels). Then I can keep track of the top 10 or 5 scores for each game. I will also have a 'play level' option for people that want to make a single level, or test a new level. You will not be able to play the later levels of a 'game file' without first completing the previous ones.

Version 0.1.1 released06/27/00
by jamie gennis
Released G-Star 0.1.1... I actually released it yesterday, but I had some problems updating the web site. The freshmeat announcement was supposed to be for this version, but whatever... Anyway, go get it at the download page.
Initial release!06/25/00
by jamie gennis
Today was the first release of G-Star! Get it here. The current version is 0.1.0 and it seems to be working quite well. There are a still bunch of things to add, but it is quite fun :)