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System Requirements

G-Star is written in C and should compile on most UNIX systems. Although I am not aware of any portability problems, G-Star has only been tested on GNU\Linux. The following additional libraries are also required:

  • GNOME - At least 1.0 (however it has only been tested on 1.2, if it works with 1.0 please let me know)
  • libglade - You must have libglade installed with GNOME support
  • GdkPixbuf - At least version 0.7.0


The most recent version of the G-Star sources are available here.

RPMs and .debs are planned.

Installation from sources

  1. Go to the directory where you downloaded the tarball.
  2. Run su to enable superuser access.
  3. Unpack the tarball with tar -xzvf gstar-0.1.3.tar.gz.
  4. Change to the directory into which the sources were unpacked with cd gstar-0.1.3.
  5. Run the configure script with ./configure.
  6. Build the program with make.
  7. Install the program with make install.
  8. Run the program with gstar.

Anonymous cvs

The latest sources can be gotten via anonymous cvs by typing the following:

  1. %cvs login
  2. %cvs co gstar

This will create a directory called `gstar' and copy all the source files into it. You can then run the `' shell script to generate the configure script.