screen shots
G-Star is a clone of a TI calculator game called D-Star, which are all clones of an HP48 game of the same name. G-Star currently includes 25 levels: 20 from the HP48 version, and 5 from the TI-83 version of the game. I am planning on adding additional levels to the game as well as some new rules.

In G-Star you control two pieces: the 'circle' and the 'square'. Your goal is to get all of the 'stars' on the level by moving the 'circle' over them. The difficult part is that the pieces are unable to stop themselves once they begin moving. Once they are set in motion (by you), they continue to move until they run into something. Currently there is no score tracking, but I will probably base the score on the number of moves it takes you to complete a level and the amount of time it takes.

Please send any comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc. to jgennis@mindspring.com.